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Enter the Microkhan

February 9th, 2009 · 8 Comments

monkeywallAhoy, and welcome. The blog’s subtitle—“Daily polymathism since the Year of the Ox”—really says it all. The goal here’s explore the myriad topics that get too little play among my fellow bit-stained wretches. You can thus think of this site as the 1980s-era UPI wire meets Granta 62 meets a tragically overeducated, gin-soaked barfly on the dole. As such, the following shall not be discussed within these digital pages:

Cable-news punditry
Economic stimulus packages
The future of dead-tree media
Entitlement programs
Trade policy
The Left
The Right
Congressional gridlock
The iPhone

The following, by contrast, are fair game:

Tamil-Sinhalese relations on the Jaffna Peninsula
Ferry safety in Western Indonesia
The female billiards circuit
The neurological appeal of repetitive-action games
The psychological impact of propaganda leafleting
Naga anthropology
The fragility of undersea fiber-optic cables
Modern-day gold dredging in the Wenatchee Mountains
The end of greyhound racing in Massachusetts
The rare beetle trade in Slovakia
Pluto’s status as a legitimate planet
Vegetarian survivalists along the Appalachian Trail
The early ’00s hip-hop scene in Anchorage
Etc., etc., etc.

Management does, however, reserve the right to discuss such mainstream fare as professional (American) football, digital cameras, renewable energy, and cheap beer at any moment. Please be advised.



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