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Sons of Silence

February 9th, 2009 · 1 Comment

sonsofsilenceAccording to the Feds’ latest threat assessment, there are as many as 520 outlaw motorcycle gangs (OMGs) operating in the U.S. But only five are menacing enough to get called out by name in the report’s appendix—the usual suspects (e.g. Hell’s Angels, Bandidos), plus a more obscure group known as the Sons of Silence.

Uncle Sam says the club’s 250-275 American members are involved in “murder, assault, drug trafficking, intimidation, extortion, prostitution operations, money laundering, weapons trafficking, and motorcycle and motorcycle parts theft.” (What, no gambling?) The Sons of Silence, however, beg to differ. According to the club’s website, their only crime is copyright infringement (since it’s highly doubtful they received permission to use the Anheuser-Busch logo). Who to believe? And how did Coke, Conehead, and Skinny shed their mortal coils?

Oh, and here’s a primer on what OMGs mean when they invoke the term “1%”.

(Photo from the Sons of Silence German branch.)



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  • Compton

    I have technology that is disruptive technology. It is not illegal but will revolutionize energy, water and healthcare. I need assistance and I believe that this club can be a part of a legitimate business that can help fund this opportunity and the business in return fund the club and their interests. I can create an energy component that generates 15kw to 25kw of usable electricity. There are several organizations that are wanting it but I cannot get the funding to create it. It will cost approximately $15,000 in parts and maybe an additional $5,000 in fluid dynamic engineering. This component married with atmospheric condensation devices can create up to 1,000 gallons a day of clean fresh water. Why am I approaching the SOS, I was born and raised in Longmont. I went to college at 3 different institutions of higher learning. I have been educated by some of the best scientists internationally and I cannot get a job anywhere because of some corrupt entity that is oppressing me and limiting my opportunity. I would like to sit down and have a conversation with your organization to see if a collaborative effort may be agreed upon and a joint venture may begin. I assure you I am not weak. I am an adult male 41 years of age and because of what I know these entities are starting to approach my family particularly my son who is a good kid. He had a 4 year scholarship to a University and after his freshman year which was this past year they revoked his scholarship for some bogus reason. Therefore, I want to shove this technology down their fucking throats, put this on the market and kick the shit out of the economy. I have so much information regarding what can happen that I have been assaulted by the police, falsely arrested in Colorado and Las Vegas. They tried to kill me by amputating my left arm and taking my kidneys. I stole a car to escape from Vegas (Rental Car) I have been deemed incompetent to stand trial, all due to what I know.