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Killer Bees on the Swarm

February 12th, 2009 · 1 Comment

africanizedbeeThe dreaded Africanized honey bee has finally made its way to southern Utah, specifically the two counties that border Arizona. About time, considering that Utah agricultural authorities have been expecting to find such bees since 1999, when the “killers” first showed up in neighboring Nevada.

So it took the bees a full decade to cross the state line. Why are these ostensibly aggressive invaders so absurdly slow? Perhaps we should thank our friend, the fire ant, along with Old Man Winter and the humble mite.

Sorry to burst your killer-bee bubble, assuming you had one. If you prefer to think we’re all doomed, check out the 1974 B-movie classic Killer Bees, starring a pre-Charlie’s Angels Kate Jackson. They shot it in Francis Ford Coppola’s house, which makes me love the half-mad directorial genius all the more.


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  • Greg

    I am new to the state and had a kamikaze bee fly through the car window and it ended his life. Its defiantly a non regular looking bee but not quite to the T as the one shown here. Lil help please..