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Dear Leader is Strictly Business

February 19th, 2009 · No Comments

dearleaderReally wish I had the funds for an early March trip to The Hague, as this event (PDF) looks damn nigh unmissable. It’s certainly not the longest business seminar I’ve ever seen, which I guess says a lot about the state of the North Korean economy. Poor Evert Jacobsen, for example, only gets 15 minutes to explain his potato development project.

The seminar’s sponsor, GPI Consultancy, has been a longtime advocate of outsourcing IT work to North Korea. GPI swooned over the nation’s tech potential in a 2006 report (PDF), singling out the animation industry in particular.

Maybe so. But anyone looking for cheap DPRK labor would be well-advised to read this horror story first. And keep in mind that Dear Leader is all sorts of crazy.

(h/t North Korean Economy Watch)


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