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“Match Abandoned Due to Terror Attacks”

March 3rd, 2009 · No Comments

Microkhan has previously opined on the redemptive power of Sri Lankan cricket. Today, alas, not so much. Fateful Boxing Day words from Javed Miandad, director general of the Pakistan Cricket Board, upon announcing the Sri Lankan tour:

Not only the cricket fraternity but the whole of Pakistan is thankful to the Sri Lankan president for clearing their tour to Pakistan. I hope more and more people come to watch Sri Lanka play in Pakistan because we want to prove to the world that Pakistan is safe and secure for cricket.

We should’ve known something might be up when the fans refused to show, despite Pakistan’s much-celebrated love of cricket. At one match in Karachi, for example, only 200 fans filled the 34,000-seat National Stadium, despite the fact that free tickets were being given away on street corners. Talk about the wisdom of crowds.


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