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The Allure of the Fuzz, Part II

March 4th, 2009 · 2 Comments

zlatanAnother day, another gobsmacking tale of police impersonation, this time involving a 14-year-old Chicagoan who managed to make his way onto patrol thanks to the laziness of commanders. The kid even got to twist a suspect’s arm—surely every rage-filled teenager’s dream.

The Chicago case provides an excellent opportunity to call out another athlete with a similar copper obsession. A while back, Microkhan ran down the odd case of ex-NBA bigman Olden Polynice, who was once busted twice in a two-month span for impersonating a police officer. Today we celebrate a superstar from across the Pond, Inter Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Several years ago, Ibrahimovic decided to masquerade as a policeman in the red-light district of Malmö, his hometown. He tried to arrest a man he thought was a john, and actually chased the unfortunate bloke down the street. But the man was actually a priest, out to help the poor hookers of Malmö. (Okay, maybe that should be “supposedly out”—sounds a little fishy to me.)

Ibrahimovic was arrested by the real fuzz. And by all accounts, the Malmö flesh trade continues to flourish. Nice try, Zlatan. Nice try.


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  • Roscoe13

    Nice work microkhan.

    Considering that Ibrahimovic and the Brazilian footballer Kaka, who plays for archrival AC Milan, are currently the highest salaried footballers in the world, I would think that makes Zlatan a frontrunner for the most successful living human to have impersonated a police officer…with a solid lead over Polynice…

  • Brendan I. Koerner

    Indeed, I believe Mr. Polynice was last spotted slinging burgers at a Salt Lake City-area Roy Rogers. No word on whether he was wearing his “California Sheriff’s Department” uni.