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March 9th, 2009 · No Comments

survivaltabsIt’s with great sadness that I must confess I’m old enough to remember, quite vividly, when right-wing militias were considered a serious threat to our nation’s survival. The notion seems quaint now, much like the dot-com bubble. But a mere 14 years ago, the leaders of the much-feared Militia of Montana were called before Congress to explain their aims—as well as their shadowy ties to then newly minted congresswoman Helen Chenoweth. The militiamen claimed that upwards of 10 million Americans were members of armed “patriot organizations,” and were ready to defend the land from the incursions of black helicopters.

So what’s the Militia of Montana up to nowadays? Peddling “complete meals in tablet form.” Feed yourself an astronaut-like diet for the low, low price of $520 a year.

Um, yeah—I think we can cross these cats off the “enemies of the state” list. Once you move from politics to the nutritional supplements game, a la Pat Robertson, you’ve pretty much outed yourself as a total huckster.


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