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From the “Where Are They Now?” File

March 18th, 2009 · No Comments

loubondIt’s frightening to think how many hours I’ve spent listening to WEFUNK Radio over the past seven or eight years. I’ve doubtless heard every archived show at least twice, and several of them close to a dozen times. (Neophytes should start out with Show 170.) WEFUNK, broadcasting weekly from Montreal’s famous Lou Bond, who has a single Stax recording to his name. The show recently spun Bond’s “To the Establishment”, and I was immediately—the classic Siren Effect, in effect. Ever since, I’ve been dying to know what happened to Bond, and why his recording output was so limited. Been coming up snake eyes so far, but who knows? Perhaps one of Microkhan’s loyal readers has the scoop. Anyone? Would be great if this guy could have a renaissance, a la Brian Wilson.

More on Bond here, from the priceless Funky16Corners.


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