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What Was Lea Thompson Thinking?

March 20th, 2009 · 4 Comments

Another Friday, another end-of-week paean to terrible movie reviews. This time, instead of digging though the proverbial crates, Microkhan would like to cite the A.V. Club’s recent take on the Howard the Duck DVD release:

Finally, the book can be closed on the DVD era: Howard The Duck, a George Lucas production every bit as ignominious as Jar Jar Binks, has now been made available to the tens of fans clamoring for its release…More than 20 years later, Howard The Duck remains a black hole, unsalvageable as camp, as ’80s curio, or so-bad-it’s-good classic. It’s where entertainment goes to die.

I remember really, really wanting to see this back in the day—in large part because I had a schoolboy crush on Lea Thompson, fresh off her career-making role in Back to the Future. Judging by the sheer awfulness of the clip above, my parents’ decision not to expose me to Howard ranks as one of their best moves.

Jordan Prentice, one of the half-dozen Little People who played Howard, later starred in Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. He played the Giant Bag of Weed.


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  • Roscoe Manning

    I heard Jordan did bong hits beforehand – method acting.

  • Jordan

    I was once in a production of Macbeth where the guy playing the Porter did a few hits before going on stage. Worked out pretty well as the character is supposed to be a raging drunk. Unfortunately the live band also decided to get stoned, which meant that they had a bit of trouble remembering that their between-scenes bit wasn’t supposed to go on for ten minutes.

  • sublicon

    Until the master is recovered and “Big Man on Campus” is released on DVD, no such book can be closed.

  • Brendan I. Koerner

    Actually, “BMOC” gets five stars from its two Amazon reviewers. The second reviewer’s take, in its all-caps entirety:


    This is also “Kathy”‘s one and only Amazon review. Lea, is that you?