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Chewbacca Looks Reluctant

March 23rd, 2009 · 5 Comments

After playing Captain Bringdown with all the suicide talk, I thought I owed it to y’all to post something a bit more lighthearted. I’m in the midst of doing some groundwork for my next book, which deals a lot with global trade during the waning days of the British Empire. This research has led me to give a lot of thought to the original Star Wars, particularly the Mos Eisley scenes. I trace my lifelong love affair with knowledge to that polyglot cantina. There was just something about the intersection of crime, commerce, and exotic cultures that tugged at my pre-school heart.

As such, I was motivated to dig up the above gem—the stars of Star Wars guesting on The Muppet Show. Judging by Mark Hamil’s uniform, this must’ve been to shill for The Empire Strikes Back.

The whole show (or at least all the Star Wars-related bits) can be seen here. I had this thing on Betamax back in the day, and literally wore out the tape from playing it so much. I was especially fond of Gonzo’s dark turn as Lord Vader.


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