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“I Am the Hunter”

April 7th, 2009 · 2 Comments

Following on yesterday’s mention of the brief heyday of Soviets-invade-the-Heartland films, Microkhan feels morally obligated to post the above Red Dawn clip. In the interests of novelty, we’ve steered clear of the obvious—no “Wolverines!”, no “Avenge me!” Today’s pick is the more obscure, but equally delicious scene in which the evil Soviet commander demonstrates the power of a well-crafted metaphor—as well as his commendable knowledge of Gulo gulo behavior.

Note the overly sunglassed Cuban commando at the end of the clip. Drastically receding hairline be damned, that guy means business.

Update: An eagle-eyed reader informs us: “That’s no mere ‘overly sunglassed Cuban commando’ in Red Dawn. That’s Ron O’Neal, aka Superfly.”


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