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“It’s Time”

April 8th, 2009 · 2 Comments

Microkhan is off to the Elm City today, so this’ll be the last post for the next, oh, 19 hours or so. Thought I’d keep on this week’s Soviet-invasion theme, by offering up the climactic scene to Chuck Norris’s Invasion USA. I don’t think a spoiler warning is necessary, since no moviegoer with a half a brain would actually expect the Soviets to beat Norris on his own turf.

The Leninist baddie who gets his comeuppance here, in the most over-the-top fashion imaginable, is B-movie legend Richard Lynch. He plays a Soviet officer who leads a ragtag band of Latin American guerrillas up the Florida peninsula, until they meet their mulleted executioner in Atlanta. Yes, really, that’s the plot—approximately 300 foreign soldiers march from Miami to northern Georgia, causing unspeakable havoc en route. Were this to happen in real life, of course, I doubt they’d make it much past Pembroke Pines, seeing as how nearly a quarter of Floridians own guns. (Though far fewer, I’m willing to bet, own rocket launchers.)

Catch you tomorrow. Or, if you are a Yale student, perhaps I can catch you today: I’m doing a Master’s Tea at Stiles at 4 p.m. Please swing by if the spirit moves you.


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