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Money, Meet Mouth

May 20th, 2009 · No Comments

sepaktakrawmalaysiaA lighthearted pox on Harry Truman for coining the phrase “The buck stops here.” Our problem isn’t the sentiment itself, but rather the way it’s been glibly abused over the years. Countless beseiged executives have uttered those four words, only to go right on scapegoating when their situations inevitably worsen. Ever the skeptic, Microkhan reaction upon the hearing the phrase nowadays is to slap his mighty forehead and accept that ass-covering is sure to follow.

So when an exec genuinely places his job on the line, instead of just finding cover in words, we can’t help but tip our hats. And when that exec is involved in sepak takraw, the most awesome Frankenstein of soccer and volleyball on the planet? Well, then, perhaps we’ve found ourselves a new hero:

Datuk Ahmad Ismail said today that he would step down as president of the Malaysian Sepak Takraw Association (PSM) if Malaysia failed to clinch at least one gold medal at next year’s Asian Games in Guangzhou, China.

“I give this commitment (step down if the target was not met), let someone else take over,” he said when met by reporters by the Keramat Sports Complex here.

Okay, Datuk, we’re gonna hold you to that. Good luck getting past those super-talented Thais, who’ve given you fits in the past. If things don’t work out, we’ll try and score you a job with the American team, which appears to be in desperate need of players, let alone take-charge executives such as yourself.


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