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Speaking from the Fist

May 29th, 2009 · 3 Comments

Perhaps Randy “Macho Man” Savage didn’t have quite the acting career of some of his fellow ’80s wrestlers (see: “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, Sgt. Slaughter), but you can’t fault the man’s instinct for licensing only the hottest fashion. When we came across the jacket above, via the somewhat NSFW THEM THANGS, we knew we had no choice but to post. Reagan Era nostalgia like this just blows our minds.

Also apt to shred your cerebellum this dreary Friday morning: Macho Man’s sadly slept-on single, “Speaking from the Heart.” Sample lyric:

Soaring with the eagles and slithering with the snakes, I’ve been everywhere in between, I am your friend, I am the Macho Man Randy Savage. Speaking from the heart, it’s the Macho Man talking to you right now, let’s rock, dig it, dig it! Freak out, Freak out, oooooh yeah! This is the way it is and I will be there when it happens, the past the present and the future all in one time. We’re all gonna climb that mountain together and we are together forever, ooooh yeah!

Mr. Savage, I’ll climb a mountain with you anytime. Just say the word.

(h/t Adrian Covert)


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  • Jordan

    Speaking of aural abominations, I recently heard an MP3 of Brian Wilson’s rap “Smart Girls”. Part of me hopes that it was meant to be a parody of the times, but I’m not so sure. I guess that’s what happens when you list your less-than-stable-himself psychologist as a co-producer.

  • Brendan I. Koerner

    @Jordan: Ah, yes, the ever-so-ethical Dr. Eugene Landy, one of the creepiest svengalis of the 20th century. Makes the shrink in that Metallica doc look like a paragon of non-involvement.

    The Beach Boys are my mom’s favorite all-time band, so I grew up listening to their music. But only the happy stuff–her fandom stops short of the dark years. The first time I heard “Surf’s Up,” I remember thinking, “Wow, these dudes are far bigger bummers than I ever knew.”

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