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The Winner in the Quagga Mess

June 10th, 2009 · No Comments

Despite mankind’s best efforts, the ultra-aggressive quagga mussel continues to spread unabated across our great land. Gorgeous Lake Tahoe is the latest victim, while the shellfish invasion’s in full swing over near Cleveland. And could the mussels even dim the Sin City lights someday? Nothing, it seems, can stop the quagga mussel, given the species prodigious talent for reproduction—a single critter can lay upwards of 40,000 eggs.

But that doesn’t mean we’ve given up trying. And that’s surely great news for the folks at Hydro Engineering, the nation’s leading manufacturer of mussel-decontamination hardware. These are surely halcyon days for the company and its flagship decon package (a component of which is pictured above). Mandatory hydroblasting is becoming mandatory on many lakes suffering from quagga mussel infestations, and Hydro Engineering is the go-to source for the necessary tools.

Check out the interior of a full-blown decon unit here. (It reminds us of the interior of the Knight Rider trailer truck.) You have to request a price quote, but we gleaned from this article that a typical package goes for about $19,500—roughly the sticker price of a 2009 Chevrolet Malibu. We know which gearhead goodies we’d rather have.

Oh, and apologies to anyone who thought this post would be about the extinct quagga rather than its shellfish namesake. Adding “mussels” to the title made it too much of a mouthful.


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