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“Fat Styles Become a Stack…”

June 24th, 2009 · 3 Comments

Headed downtown to meet with our trusted rep and discuss that frightening concept known as The Future. So we’re gonna outro with the best track off The Beatnuts debut album. Like all songs by the pride of Corona, Queens, the lyrics are definitely not safe for work, so please do not play within earshot of sensitive souls.

Also, can anyone identify the piano sample in this cut? Probably one of the most infectious riffs we’ve ever heard. Alas, our CD of this album seems to have disappeared somewhere en route to Harlem, so we can’t consult the liner notes.


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  • Matt

    Pretty sure the riff (and much of the composition for that matter) is from Monty Alexander’s “Love and Happiness.”

    There aren’t many reasons to miss physical album releases, but that sort of fine print tops my list.

  • Brendan I. Koerner

    @Matt: Awesome, thanks a million. You nailed it–just listened to the Alexander track, and the trademark piano riff kicks in around the 58-second mark. A criminally underrated gem.

    It’s not only the sample mentions I miss from the liner notes of yore. It’s the random shout-outs to a zillion different people (often with incredibly colorful nicknames). C’mon, iTunes, figure something out…

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