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Around the World in 3,287 Days

June 25th, 2009 · 7 Comments

A Nepalese cyclist in the midst of a nine-year, around-the-world ride hits Ghana. The roughest part of Lok Bandhu Karki’s epic journey so far? Getting jacked in Malaysia:

The journey has not been without difficulties. “Courage keeps me going,” he says of his worst experiences in a journey, which has also been characterised by robbery in Thailand, Malaysia and Sudan.

“When my money was stolen in port Kelang of Malaysia, I had to work in a butchery for six days to earn ferry charge from Batam Island to Sumatra Island of Indonesia,” he says.

Karki had some fellow travelers when he started in 2004, but he’s been going it alone for years now. And according to some Nepalese expats he’s encountered along the way, he’s got a bit of a huckster streak.


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  • Lok Bandhu Karki

    Thanks for concern.Now I am in Liberia as the 60th country within 4years,6months and 25days.After this,I am heading towards Sierra Leone,Guenea……Brazil…….Until now I lost 6 cameras, 9 cell phones one valuable ring and some money in different places during the period of this tour.

  • Brendan I. Koerner

    @Lok Bandhu Karki: Many thanks for checking in from Liberia. I wish you safe travel as you make your way toward the Western Hemisphere. And when you hit Brazil, definitely ride through Salvador de Bahia–it’s one of my favorite cities on the planet.

  • Lok Bandhu Karki

    Dear Friend,
    Brendan I. Koerner
    I heartily like to express the word of thank towards you for concerning with positive attitude , success and welbeing of this World Peace and Universal Brotherhood mission as well as my personal life.
    Now I have reached Columbia as the 73th country crossing Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina,Chile, Peru, Ecuador..covered 97357l.m.using 5 diffirent bicycles.All countries medias like Radios, T.Vs, Newspapers have been supporting making news and broadcasting interviews although a drunkard, badñatured,silly..called Nepali just by name: Raj Gyawali staying in Ghana ,wrote 99% fault iñ the trip of too much alcohol according to his friend.
    Do remember time and again . I will too response from my site.

  • Brendan I. Koerner

    Many thanks for the update, Lok. Please keep us posted on your progress, and safe travel.

  • Lok Bandhu Karki

    Dear Friend ,Brendan I. Koerner , Goodafternoon !
    I am very glad with you because you are caring my personal life and this World Bicycleer Tour- with the purpose of to spread the Messages of Permanent Peace Throughout the World and Universal Brotherhood of Human Beings positively although your a foreign while I have been facing tension from an article written by a Half-Minded ,Drunkard , Cunning and 99% Fraut demon named Jaj Gyawali who is in the caqtegory of SUSPECTED NEPALI of my OWN COUNTRY .
    I have spent almost 5 years on this Mission. Currently I have visited 73 countries of Asia , Africa and South America Continents. I have crossed 97385 K.M.using 5 different Bicycles , 3 passports,3 documents Files and so far I have finished almost $ 47000 ( $9700 was my own money and $37300 was RESPECTIVELY HANDED OVER me from Nepali ASSOCIASIONS , INDIAN ASSOCIASIONS , PEACE-KEEPING CENTRES, SPORTS MINISTERY , CYCLING ASSOCIASIONS , RED CROSS , UN COUNTRY OFFOCE, MUNICIPALITIES of I VISITED COUNTRIES.) as total expenditures in 5 years . Professionally I was teacher of Maths and Sociology for 11 years in Nepal. Realising the IMPORTANCE , NECESSITY and VALUE of PEACE and BROTHERHOOD in the entire WORLD , I am doing this TOUR.In the journey , I have faced many Ups and Downs .No need to explain the Nights spent in FORESTS , DESERTS, UNKNOWN PEOPLE”HOUSES ,CHURCHEs , TEMPLES … Problems of Languages , Weathers ,Stealing , Robberies and so on .In reality , I have saved my fhysical life from the MOUTHS OF DEATH more than 7 TIMES ( in Bancock and Hazaiya District of THAILAND , Port Kelang of MALAYSIA , Phesawor of PAKISTAN , Oum Durman and Malakal of SUDAN ,Piter Muriez Burg of SOUTH AFRICA , CHAD , DRC ..) I visited developed and economically RICH COUNTRIES like SINGAPORE, MALAYSIA , BRUNEI , CYPRUS , ISRAEL etc I did not hide anywhether to earn money working in Developed Countries but I gave continuety to this mission towards THE RESR COUNTRIES of the WORLD .In my experiences , I have got POSITIVE RESPONSE and SUPPORTS from both the Government and Public Sides in almost all I visited countries except some miserable INCIDENTS.More than 700 Reputed Newspapers and 293 Radios , T.V . F .M .Stations have helped this mission by MAKING NEWS and BROADCASTING NEWS/INTERVIEWS about this Mission. In those countries which I visited ,I have distributed NEARLY OPNE and HALF Millions copies of VERY STRONG and SHARP MESSAGES of PEACE and MANDKIND In the WORLD.I am not thinking any more than that I am doing a SMALLPRACTICE to plant the SEEDS of WORLD PEACE and UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD that are EXTREAMLY necessary in EVERY PART of The ENTIRE WORLD.I believe that My mission surely tries to GIVE a SYMBOLIC or SPRITUAL Messages about the Importance , Necessity and Value of PEACE and HUMANITY in the World.And Such kind of programme ENCOURAGES or INSPIRES the YOUNG GENERATIONS to do SOME THING for PEACE and MANKIND in the World.fully hope that THE WHOLE WORLD will EMBARCE PEACE and EVERYONE will LIKE LIVING HARMOONIOUSLY on this EARTH.
    Sorry , I have to involve in a programme now. So I want to say GOOD BYE ! I will write more in coming days.

  • tsering

    This guy is a disgrace. Beware of him.


  • ASUS Sharma

    This Lok so called world cyclist is in Europe now. he is travelling by bus, boat, plane and collecting lots of money from different people. the country he visited as he told, news searched in google and places and dates (checking no., country he travelling and date when he is there from other national media of that country) are contradictory. i also met him now i am feeling regreat of donation