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“Step Into My Dojo…”

June 25th, 2009 · 2 Comments

This morning’s sumo-related post stirred up memories of another Hawaiian-born legend of the sport: Konishiki, aka “The Dump Truck.” Though he never attained the exalted rank of yokozuna—perhaps due to anti-foreigner prejudice among sumo’s elite—Konishiki never let the disappointment get in the way of his artistic ambitions. As evidenced by the above video, the truly gargantuan ex-wrestler is now a skilled MC, whose lyrics frequently refer to his love for Japanese culture:

Next on the menu, is a seven course meal
Sushi to start, raw tuna, and eel
That’s how we do it in the back of the club
Toast champagne as we get a backrub

Check out a clip of Konishiki’s athletic exploits here. Gastric-bypass surgery obviously did wonders for this man.


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  • Gramsci

    I could imagine worse things in life than hanging with his crew in Oahu and running into a group of young Japanese ladies on vacation. Good God…

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