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Werner Loves the Jiggle

June 26th, 2009 · 2 Comments

One of our favorite means of procrastination is sifting through Nathan Rabin’s “My Year of Flops” series on The A.V. Club. That habit recently brought us in contact with this evisceration of The Real Cancun, which Rabin curtly derides as “a horrifying glimpse into the kiddie-pool-shallow minds of folks whose greatest ambition in life is to emulate the extras in Mystikal videos.”

To our complete shock, however, The Real Cancun has at least one notable fan who really should know better: the great Werner Herzog. Perhaps we’re missing the man’s dry Teutonic humor, but in this interview, Herzog seems genuinely enthusiastic about the flick:

Q At the [2006 SFIFF event] you mentioned liking a film about people in Mexico on spring break. Is that the Real World feature, The Real Cancun?

Herzog Yes, and I liked the film because it was so focused. There was no pretentiousness at all. The only question was who would get laid first. You see so many pretentious films and phony films, and I don’t like that.

We shudder to think of what Herzog might say were he somehow exposed to Hard Ticket to Hawaii.


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  • Gramsci

    I think he was in quite a mood– check out that lethal putdown of alien-abducted women.

  • buskertype

    I’ve seen some long interviews with Herzog, and I’ve never detected anything like irony. I would bet that if he says he likes it he really does. strange dude.