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“Don’t Kill the Goose…”

July 1st, 2009 · 2 Comments

In our never-ending quest to bring you the classic tracks behind our favorite hip-hop cuts, today we bring you the U-Roy and Hopeton Lewis collaboration “Tom Drunk.” It only takes a few seconds’ worth of listening to realize that the song’s best riff was long-ago copped by Reflection Eternal for “Fortified Live,” a tune notable for some of the ’90s greatest rhymes: To wit:

I’m sippin wishing well water imported from Pluto
That’s why my eyes is glassy, so ain’t got to ask me
The interplanetary Illuminati move your body
I trekked the stars first, so fuck Kirk and Scotty


So gather ’round, to hear the profound brown vomiter
Absorb the sonic energy manifestin through your monitor

Reflection Eternal is back with a new video, by the way—can’t say we’re huge fans, but always nice to see the great James Worthy get a visual shout-out.

Also, please let us know how the new Grooveshark widget works for y’all. This could help liberate us from the tyranny of YouTube, provided it works as advertised.


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