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Doughy Justice in Cameroon

July 10th, 2009 · No Comments

Cameroon’s Ministry of Trade does not mess around when it comes to enforcing the nation’s new price-control regime:

Yesterday, officials of the Ministry of Trade uncovered a clandestine bakery at the Etoudi quarter in Yaounde which uses expired products to produce bread. One of the products that was seized and displayed at the site was yeast which long expired in January this year.

With the aid of the forces of law and order, officials of the Ministry of Trade forced open the bakery and carried away over 4,000 loaves of bread which were later set ablaze at the outskirts of town.

(Our bolding.) While we admire the Price Control Brigade’s dedication to their job, the bread bonfire strikes us as overkill. Wouldn’t it have been wiser to have converted that dodgy bread in croutons?

All kidding aside, it’s worth noting the reason that Cameroon had to implement price controls in the first place: it’s yet another developing nation that’s been knocked askance by Depression v2.0. And President Paul Biya, in power for a gobsmacking 27 years, is feeling the heat, giving his new crop of ministers six month to produce results—or else.


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