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“I Don’t Like the Axe…”

July 10th, 2009 · 1 Comment

After a holiday hiatus, Bad Movie Friday returns with a true gem: 1987’s The Barbarians, starring bodybuilding twins Peter and David Paul (aka the Barbarian Brothers). Though obviously a blatant attempt to copy the then-successful Conan blueprint, The Barbarians attempted to infuse the swords-and-sorcery formula with ample amounts of proto-ironic humor. More often than not, these attempts consisted of having the Pauls make random animal noises. (The end of the clip above contains a classic case-in-point.)

The flick was directed by Italian schlockmeister Ruggero Deodato, perhaps best known for 1980’s Cannibal Holocaust. This would be his only crack at using the Barbarian Brothers in a film; the Paul twins switched to straight comedy afterwards, notably in the 1994 kiddie vehicle Twin Sitters. See a clip of that masterwork here.

In the movie’s defense, though, the young Eva La Rue rocks her fur bikini with the utmost class. Good to see she’s built herself a career outside of the barbarian genre.


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