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The Man Behind Eddie

July 14th, 2009 · No Comments

DerekRiggsIronMaidenWe were never the biggest fan of Iron Maiden’s music, with the possible exception of “Prowler” (later memorably covered by the great Trans Am). But we’ve always had a soft spot for the band’s ghoulish cover art, starring a wrinkly, gore-loving skeleton called Eddie. So yesterday, when we saw a fellow Harlemite non-ironically sporting a t-shirt from the Dance of Death tour, we were inspired to learn about the artist who brought Eddie to the world.

His name is Derek Riggs, and he’s apparently quite media shy—this Lollipop Magazine interview is pretty much the extent of his interaction with the press. Check out his thoughts on the freelance artist lifestyle in Cumbria, then pop over to his eponymous site, featuring scores of album covers he’s created for some very non-Iron Maiden projects. Though, let’s be honest, you can see the roots of Eddie in the stuff that Riggs churned out for ’70s jazz fusion acts.


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