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The Eyes of Ms. T.J. Eckleburg Diaz

July 15th, 2009 · No Comments

We recently stumbled across the photo above while sifting through the National Archives “Picturing the Century” website, in search of images of child coal miners. Something about the two girls’ sharply differing expressions stuck with us—the one on the left strikes us as the contemplative member of the duo, the one on the right the impulsive hellraiser. The caption, alas, provides little background as to who these girls were, or how they ended up gazing into the lens:

Two Latin girls pose in front of a wall of graffiti in Lynch Park in Brooklyn, New York City, June 1974.

The photographer was the great Danny Lyon, recently the subject of an info-rich NYT paean. Check out some of his more recent work here; we’re especially big fans of his multiyear series from Indian Country.


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