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Married Priests Now

July 22nd, 2009 · 2 Comments

Given the rapid growth of Catholicism in Africa, it’s certain that the continent’s clergymen are set to play an increasingly large role at the Vatican. (Cardinal Francis Arinze, for example, has already been mentioned as a possible future pope.) But while the majority of Africa’s priests and bishops hew closely to Chruch orthodoxy, there are plenty of radicals, too. And the most notable of these might be Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo of Zambia, founder of Married Priests Now. Though excommunicated, Milingo appears to be winning some high-level converts to his cause:

Yesterday, Bishop Daniel Kasomo of Machakos crossed over to become among Milingo’s first Kenyan harvest.

Milingo presided over Kasomo’s ordination as Kenya’s new Bishop of the Married Priests Now faction of the Catholic Church. Immediately after his ordination, Kasomo challenged former colleagues in the Catholic Church to “not to be ashamed and come clean on their “secret multiple relationships”

“If you cannot do without it, please get married,” challenged Kasomo.

Presiding over Kasomo’s ordination, Milingo claimed that 150,000 priests the world over are secretly married or have relationships. Milingo explained that he opted to marry Maria because he did not want to live a lie.

Milingo, however, is categorical that theirs is not about or justification of virility: “We are not here to demonstrate that we are champion bulls, neither is ours a club of priests who love the easy ways of life.”

It’s obviously impossible to confirm Milingo’s claims of priestly indiscretions. But in light of the Father Maciel scandal from earlier this year, it is getting tougher to deny his charges that hypocrisy is commonplace.

It’s also worth noting something truly odd about Milingo’s marriage: his wedding was conducted by the eternally weird Unification Church. Which, of course, is responsible for supplying you with cut-rate sushi.


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    Am sure that there are Roman catholic priests who are maintaining their vow of chastity,But it is very important not to live a lie because you can not cheat 1) YOURSELF and you can not cheat 2) GOD .
    In the book of Mathew,it is clear that there are those who have denied marrige for the sake of christ,¨ BUT IT IS ONLY FOR THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN GRANDED THAT¨ Please,no sin which can not be forgiven as long as you confess it sincerily.For all roman catholic priests who have confesed to GOD and also to the public and weded in the church publicly,it is GOOD and as long as they are not interfering with the roman catholic,Let us pray for them to continue well.Remember about prodigal son,he finaly thought of going back and confess to his father,like wise,married former catholic priests have realised their mistakes of living against their vows and decided to leave than to pretend. I HAVE A QUESTION, IS IT BETTER TO HAVE A PRIVATE SEXUAL PARTINER AND REMAIN A ROMAN CATHOLIC PRIEST OR IT IS BETTER TO JOIN MARRIED PRIESTS?

  • Brendan I. Koerner

    Thank you for the thoughtful comment. I actually agree with you, but that answer comes with the important caveat that I am not a practicing Catholic.

    This debate actually calls to mind the current chatter over South African President Jacob Zuma’s polygamy. In response to critics, Zuma has also invoked the hypocrisy defense, pointing out that South Africans would prefer that he be open about his relationships rather than cat around on the downlow (e.g. Bill Clinton).

    For the record, I really don’t care what public figures do in their private lives–that’s between them and their families. I just want them to be good at their jobs.