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August 7th, 2009 · 8 Comments

Once in a while, we receive a comment that merits bumping to the front page. Such is the case with an anecdote just appended to this April post, in which we wondered about the fate of Charles Manson’s children—particularly Zezozose Zadfrack Glutz, the product of his carnal union with Susan Atkins. A reader chimed in with an update that struck us as worth highlighting:

I met Zezozose about 11 years ago in Richmond, Virginia. We hung out a bunch of times and I had hours of conversations with him.

He was, at that time, going by the name ‘Zezo.’ The really sad thing is that he got the letters ‘LSD’ tattooed in very large letters on his forehead at the age of 15. Life has not been good to Zezo. He couldn’t get a decent job with a tattoo like that on his face and I doubt he will ever have the money to get it removed. He was working part-time at the dump. I don’t think he tended to stay in one place for very long, He talked about drifting around the country from place to place.

Zezo is a genuinely intelligent, likable guy who has been through some terrible things and it showed. I didn’t get the impression that he had a lot of education. He mentioned having visited ‘Charlie’ in prison at times, but I don’t think he’d ever been in touch with his mother. He had been in touch with other people from the original, extended Manson group. I got the impression that things did not go well with his adopted family.

Last I heard, which was a few years ago, he had a wife and at least one kid and was really struggling to make ends meet.

Though we can’t vouch for the accuracy of this update, something about it struck us as genuine. And ever since, we’ve been turning the same question over in our minds: how can we find Zezo? Because writing his story would basically be our non-fiction Holy Grail.

Regardless of whether or not we ever find the man, we sure hope that life’s taken a better turn for Zezo over the past several years. And we hope he scraped together enough cash to get that tattoo lasered off.


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  • Shaina

    After reading about Squeeky’s release, I immediately thought of the rest of the Manson family & your post on the Manson children. BTW, has it ever been positively determined that Zezozose is Manson’s biological son? It sounds like he could have benefitied from the free tatoo removal program. Here’s hoping that things are going better for him now.

  • Digger

    There is a listing for a Zezo Zadfrack in Fort Payne, AL.

  • Brendan I. Koerner

    @Shaina: Good question. Free love was pretty much the rule amongst the Family, so it could be tough to tell. I’m not aware of any paternity tests that were conducted on these kids–I think the mothers’ claims were simply taken at face value. But as noted in the ’69 study of the Family’s mating habits, many of the women really, really wanted to bear Manson’s children. (The fact that Atkins was such a trusted lieutenant, though, makes her claim pretty credible.)

    @Digger: Thanks for the tip–found it. I may reach out to him and see what I come up with. Will keep you (and everybody else) posted via Microkhan.

  • Vonya

    I read that Susan, aka “Sadie” died about a week ago. I wonder if Zezo’z gonna pay his “respects” and visit with his step-father, Susan’s lawyer. Perhaps his step-dad will find it in his heart to help him get rid of that tatt!

  • Brendan I. Koerner

    @Vonya: Y’know, I thought the same exact thing upon seeing news of Sadie’s death.

    I’m somewhat fascinated by the relationship between Sadie and her husband/lawyer. They were married for a long time, despite the fact that he was her junior by quite a bit (more than a decade, I believe). I’ll have to look into the background on that–my hunch is that it stemmed out of some sort of Christian fellowship outreach. No matter what the tale, tho, I’m eternally fascinated/horrified by those who marry incarcerated murderers. Case in point: Doreen Lioy Ramirez.

  • 4Shizzle

    1647 COUNTY RD 130, FORT PAYNE, AL 35967


  • Brendan I. Koerner

    Wow, somewhat amazed that there’s a public listing for Mr. Zadfrack. Vincent Bugliosi, eat your heart out.

    Wondering if Microkhan should give him a call and request an interview…

  • zezo zecee zadfrack

    Here I am. Please, be kind and don’t flood either my Twitter & Facebook. My FAMILY bloodline has come with threats to my life in the past. Thank you for caring enough to inquire of our (sunflower, pooh-bear & zezozeceezadfrack) well being.