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A Raider for the Ages

August 17th, 2009 · 5 Comments

When the conversation turns to the all-time greats of kabaddi, the name Ameen Jatt must invariably be mentioned. The thick-bodied Pakistani raider was a dominant force in the 1990s, and still much-admired among the sport’s rabid fanbase:

An awesome player, simply put out of this world! In 1995 World Cup he led Pakistan into the final against very tough opponents from USA, and England (that included legendary stopper Major Gakhal mama of current superstar Tirith, and another legendary stopper called Swarna who himself had a bad habit of tossing around players fying through the air by simply hold grasp of their wrists and then laucnh take off!!!)

In an subsequent final vs the now known Dream Team of Harjit, Phidoo, Suba, and Jasbir Mangee, Peema, Malikiat Angrez, Kala etc., Amen played again incredibly but as the rest of the Pakistan after hard fought matches leading up to the final were running out of steam, and the tough big players from India including the legends Harjit Brar, and Phidoo, Suba and Mangee started to assert their physical supremacy on the worn out Pakistani raiders and stoppers. Amen was stopped by Kala the stopper from India, and also Neki as well.

But as a player this was the real deal, he was about 215 pounds, and man he could run and was he ever strong! He could easily pick up bigger and heavier players while running over the line for an easy point. In those times the players were much bigger than now on average, and he looked small by those standards yet he still out shone most players. He was extremely fast to evade the legal flying kenchi’s that are banned nowadays.

For the record, we have no idea what a “flying kenchi” is. But if it’s banned in a sport as rough as kabaddi, you know it’s because myriad bones were shattered in years past.


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