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Carbonated Vicodin in a Can

August 20th, 2009 · No Comments

We generally shy away from Red Bull, due to a bad experience we had after consuming four cans of the stuff one night. (Suffice to say our earthly vessel did not appreciate the deluge of taurine.) But perhaps we should reconsider our aversion in light of this Winona State study. Because Red Bull may have some medicinal properties about which we were not aware:

Red Bull((R)) consumption was associated with a significant increase in pain tolerance in all participants. These findings suggest that Red Bull((R)) consumption ameliorates changes in blood pressure during stressful experiences and increases the participants’ pain tolerance.

Guess that explains the ongoing love affair between NFL players and their Red Bull. Though consider yourselves forewarned—pain exists for a reason, which is to alert you to when grave injury is about to occur. You certainly don’t want to get in a Napoleon McCallum situation.


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