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Why the Jack o’ Lanterns?

August 24th, 2009 · No Comments

We admittedly do too many posts on ’80s nostalgia, especially now that Microkhan Jr.’s existence has us thinking a lot more ’bout our own formative years. But our worldview back during the Reagan Era was pretty American-centric, so we missed out on plenty of great, junky pop culture from more distant corners of the globe. Among the gems that apparently didn’t make it to Los Angeles is the above vide from Cameroon, purported to be one of the greatest kiddie hits of the 1980s. It strikes us as a cross between Weird Al Yankovic and MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This,” at least in terms of zany sensibility. And were these guys really in the Cameroonian army? If so, that force couldn’t have struck fear into too many hearts back in the day.

Oh, and free Microkhan mesh hat to whoever can explain the jack o’ lanterns on the singers’ uniforms. Really, we’re baffled.


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