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Done, the Sequel

August 28th, 2009 · 3 Comments

After an insanely hectic five weeks of virtually non-stop mental toil, we can proudly state that we hit our deadline. The second draft of the Now the Hell Will Start screenplay is safely in our boss’s hands, which means it’s time for us to enjoy a rare moment of peace—a moment that’s sure to include copious quantities of this. In keeping with Microkhan tradition, we’re posting the video for one of the most triumphant tunes known to man. Lazy of us? Sure, especially considering that we posted the exact same clip to celebrate the completion of draft one. But, please, understand that we’re mentally drained, and a little superstitious to boot.

And know that, as promised, we’ll be back to full strength on Monday. Plenty of goodies tk in the next few days, including more Murder Project, more First Contact, and our milestone 500th post. Hope you’ll twist the dial back in our direction after an appropriately raucous weekend.


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  • Brian Moore

    In the “more First Contact” vein, how’d you like District 9?

  • Brendan I. Koerner

    @Brian Moore: Argh, haven’t seen it yet. #1 on my list–or, at the very least, tied with Inglorious Basterds. I’ll probably catch it when I’m on the road in early September–being outta town on assignment is when I do a lot of my in-the-theater moviewatching. (Kid makes it difficult while on the homefront.)

  • Brian Moore

    Well, I think you will definitely like it!