Microkhan by Brendan I. Koerner


September 4th, 2009 · 3 Comments

Sorry ’bout the lack of posts this morning. We’re scrambling on a million things, both pre-Africa and pre-holiday weekend. Please go check out our take of yore on Grover Cleveland’s desperation, and we’ll try to circle back to y’all once more before our all-too-brief vacation kicks in. Danke sehr, dear readers.


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  • Captured Shadow

    Brendan, you don’t have to apologize to us for not posting in every third post. Just post when you can. A heads up that you’ll be light on posts or gone for the next x days is nice, but we know Microkhan is not your main gig.

  • Brendan I. Koerner

    You’re absolutely right–I’ve been way too anal ’bout the apologizing lately. Just bummed because I thought life would get slower once the screenplay is done, but I was sadly mistaken.

    No more mea culpas from here on out, unless urgently warranted. Promise.

  • Oliver

    Great little article. I always love a shout out to the forgotten presidents. But the real question is… When you get labor day off, does it return the favor?