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Chicken-Fried Steak, Cont’d

September 9th, 2009 · 2 Comments

In response to our post below about Oklahoma’s artery-mucking official meal, one of our favorite commenters chimed in:

This reads like every last meal I ever read about while I was growing up in the South. I guess Oklahoma death row inmates can save some time ordering– “I’ll have the ‘Official,” they say.

Alas, the entire feast is not within reach for the state’s condemned men. According to oddly addictive Dead Man Eating, H-Unit inmates are limited to a $15 budget for their farewell meal. And we reckon that at least a few of the obligatory items are likely not on the cafeteria’s regular menu, from which all meals must be ordered.

Neighboring Texas, however, does not seem to have the budget restriction. Note this gargantuan meal ordered by Michael F. Rosales in May:

Six beef enchiladas with cheese and jalapenos, one bowl of rice, one bowl of beans, diced lettuce and tomato, four pieces of fried chicken with three biscuits, one bowl of mashed potatoes, one vanilla cake with vanilla icing, one double-bacon jalapeno cheeseburger with no onions and a side of fries, one pint of sherbert, two glasses of Mountain Dew and two glasses of cold milk.

Please note that we’re not trying to make light of the death penalty. We’ve opposed capital punishment ever since reading Reflections on the Guillotine. And there seem to be some Sooners who share our abolitionist views.


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  • tsg

    This is a quintessentially awesome Microkhan post, dear sir(s). As delicious as chicken fried steak itself, well done! (The post that is, not the chicken fried steak, which is best cooked medium.)

  • Brendan I. Koerner

    @tsg: Awesome, thanks.

    I dig chicken-fried steak, too, but the dish is too often ruined by overly rich gravy. Had a great one in Texas hill country a few years ago. Alas, I never had the pleasure during my one Oklahoma visit–mostly had Tex-Mex in Norman. My bad.