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The Doings of the Grand Empress

October 14th, 2009 · 5 Comments

Shameless plug for the Microkhan clan: Check out what our own personal Börte Ujin has been up to, via the current issue of Inked Magazine. Photo possibly NSFW, though only if you labor in the most Puritanical of environments.


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  • Jordan

    Given that most of my friends are women, I hear an awful lot about the trials and travails of trying to find good bras. It’s a seriously bizarre market. Glad to people putting so much effort into making quality products.

  • Brendan I. Koerner

    Tell the ladies ’bout the Dolls. They make some seriously high-qual goods.

    Also, worth noting that the Dolls do their production in Bangkok, at a factory that treats workers fairly. After some dispiriting years in the garment game, the Dolls wanted no truck with the sweatshops of Guangdong.

  • scottstev

    As this article notes, the lovely variety of female shapes with which the good Lord has blessed us, causes havoc with mass manufacturing. Good luck with the line.

    I can imagine that directly engaging a sweatshop for your company is much harder than not thinking too much about sourcing when grabbing a garment at Kohls.

  • Brendan I. Koerner

    Yeah, my wife and her partner def. saw the conditions in Guangdong first-hand during their corporate days. I think what skeeved them out the most wasn’t necessarily the living situations for the workers (think super-cramped dorms), but how the employees were denied any recourse should they have a complaint. My wife came to realize that the factory owners were quite cozy with the local authorities (esp. Communist officials), and could thus operate with total impunity. That meant they had a license to severely mistreat any workers who didn’t precisely toe the line. And that created a creepy culture of fear.

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