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Wrestling in Rumbek

October 21st, 2009 · 1 Comment

Some hopeful news out of southern Sudan: stability has returned to the town of Rumbek, and with it one of the region’s favorite sports:

Rumbek youth have resumed their favorable game of wrestling for the first time since four years after bloody confrontations in cattle raids and inter-tribal fighting.

The wrestling begun between two rival groups of businessmen working in Rumbek Market and students from Rumbek senior secondary school whose are belonging to Greater Yirol Counties of Lakes state.

“Rumbek is returning back into original roots of peace – I’m very glad. May God keep up this shining face of peace in Rumbek for sometime so that our state could remain calm without killing issues,” said one of Rumbek residents, Flora Yar Mamer.

More Sudanese wrestling photos here. And a great video here; be sure to watch through to the 2:39 mark, when things start to go terrible wrong for the humble narrator.

(Image via Manyok Kur)


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