Microkhan by Brendan I. Koerner

Grease for Strength

October 22nd, 2009 · No Comments

Yesterday morning, while tearing through the Stanford Faculty Club’s equivalent of a Denny’s Grand Slam (sans flapjacks, alas), we recalled how Americans were asked to collect their bacon drippings during World War II. We always assumed that this grease was then converted into fuel. But, boy, were we wrong—as the friendly Disney characters explain in the propaganda film above, that hog fat was a key ingredient in the production of glycerin, which in turn was integral to manufacturing ordnance. Watch and learn.

Also, is it just us, or is this the most genuinely violent Disney cartoon ever made? Though we don’t actually see the screaming Germans on the brink of death, thousands of cartoon characters lose their lives in this film. Though we guess re-watching Das Boot a couple of months back has made us much more sensitive to such issues.


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