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Farewell, Dynamite

December 21st, 2009 · No Comments

Vladimir TurchinskySad news out of Moscow, as word comes that Vladimir “Dynamite” Turchinsky has passed on. For those unfamiliar with the realm of Russian bodybuilding and/or action films, Turchinsky could legitimately lay claim to the title of “The Schwarzenegger of the East,” having transitioned from a successful athletic career to cinematic stardom. He also had an interesting sideline business in setting Guinness World Records:

[Turchinsky] is included in the Guinness book of records for pulling a double-decker bus weighing 20 tonnes for 100 meters with only his left hand. He also managed to budge the 260-tonne-strong Ruslan cargo plane.

Turchinsky’s death should at least caution wealthy Muscovites against indulging in plasmapheresis, a blood-doping procedure that supposedly rejuvenates the body. The same lesson noted in the post below applies here, too: just because something sounds medically logical doesn’t mean it is.

A touching video tribute to Dynamite can be found here. We can only hope there are ample barbells in that Great Gym in the Sky.


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