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For the Grand Empress Who Has Everything

December 21st, 2009 · 3 Comments

Perhaps you think our khanic nature means that we’re firm believers in Tengriism, and thus won’t be sitting around the Christmas tree come Friday morning. But that’s not the case at all—while we do have a soft spot for Umay, we’re also big on the holiday spirit. Christmas will be roundly celebrated up here in Atlah, with egg nog and and a Big Wheel for Microkhan Jr.

But what to do about the Grand Empress? We’re heading out now to do some last-minute shopping, seeing as how we’ve yet to buy her a single gift. Might any readers advise us on what to get a Dirty Doll? Keeping in mind, of course, that we’re pretty close to flat broke. Bayarlalaa, good sirs and madams.


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  • Jordan

    If you want a good eggnog recipe, check out this one from Jeffrey Morgenthaler:


    He writes one of the best cocktail blogs I’ve ever seen, so it’s bound to be good.

  • Brendan I. Koerner

    That looks absolutely amazing. I’m short rum, brandy, and heavy cream, but I’ve got a pre-Xmas shopping trip skedded for Wednesday. We’ll make it happen.

    I actually interviewed Morgenthaler a year or two ago, for my Wired column. Great guy–I really need to check out his blog more, even though I currently tilt far more toward beer than liquor. (Parenthood explains a lot of that–I have a weak spot for whiskey, which has resulted in several non-functional mornings over the years. Tough to do when your young’un arises at the crack ‘o dawn.

  • Jordan

    In that case, if you’re ever out in Portland, be sure to check out House Spirits and Clear Creek Distillery. They’re both putting out various sorts of whiskey right now. House Spirits has an unaged “white dog” that’s much more vegetal (some think it takes a bit like tequila, others like sake) and an aged two-year that’s slightly more standard fare. Clear Creek does what is considered one of the best Scotch-style whiskies this side of the Pond as they actually get peated barley from Scotland and distill from a mash that a local brewer makes up for them. One liquor store owner recently told me that he sold out of the single case he was able to get a while back in a day and easily could have sold fifteen cases if he could have got that much.