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“Superfly Snuka Jumping from the Turnbuckle”

January 19th, 2010 · 1 Comment

Looking to use some Amazon credit we scored over the holidays, we flirted with the idea of finally picking up an album that we’ve long coveted: Sean Price‘s ultra-rare Donkey Sean Jr. mixtape, which features the oft-remixed (and eternally amazing) “60 Bar Dash.” Lo and behold, however, we’re not the only folks with such ideas in mind, as evidenced by the hefty price tag for the mix CD—$199.87 as of this posting, up $8 over night. Either something is askew with Amazon’s pricing software, or this is a CD whose collectibility exceeds that of many an original Elvis Presley pressing. And, alas, the album does not appear to have been digitized for sale by any commercial outlets.

Hate to say this, but given the choice between $200 and free, we’ll probably opt for the latter. Can’t you meet us closer to the $10 mark, oh lords of the music biz? We’re trying to do the right thing here, but $8.75 per song for an unwieldy hard-media version strikes us as a bit excessive, even for an artist of Sean Price’s exalted caliber.


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  • Jordan

    Except that as far as I can tell, the free version doesn’t have 60 Bar Dash. Bummer.

    But then the Duck Down website also says that it’s not on the album. How confusing.