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The Man Who Wasn’t There

February 5th, 2010 · 1 Comment

We fully acknowledge that this wasn’t a red-letter week at Microkhan, at least in terms of posting frequency. Paying gigs got in the way, as did Microkhan Jr.—the parenting equation has changed dramatically now that he’s figured out how to open the front door. Worry not, though, we’ll be back to full strength next week—though perhaps with a mighty hangover on Monday, if we’re forced to resort to the bottle after an unthinkable Colts loss. (Yes, we’ve got some serious angst over Dwight Freeney’s bum ankle.)

We’ll leave you this week not with Bad Movie Friday, but something else on the train-wreck vibe: a clip from the 1997 boxing match between Lennox Lewis and Oliver McCall, in which the troubled McCall infamously had a nervous breakdown in the ring. In the aftermath, McCall’s trainer minced no words in describing his charge’s psychological flaws:

McCall’s claims that he was playing possum in some altered version of Muhammad Ali’s famous “rope-a-dope” rang hollow not only with Nevada boxing regulators but his own trainer.

“Lennox was in there with a lunatic,” McCall’s trainer, George Benton, said. “Any man in his right mind wouldn’t act like that…The man’s mind just wasn’t there.

Amazingly, McCall is still boxing today—and talking some serious smack, too.


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  • minderbender

    Yeah, in fairness, put me in a ring with Lennox Lewis and I will break down and cry like a little girl. He wouldn’t punch a man with glasses, would he?