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The Robots’ Victory (Cont’d)

April 6th, 2010 · 3 Comments

In our haste to post about Dave Tompkins’ vocoder opus, we neglected to mention one of the book’s best features: the fact that it highlights an epic Klaus Kinski performance about which we were entirely unaware. Despite our passable knowledge of French, we can’t quite grok the plot of 1979’s Zoo zéro based on the clip above. But we’d say it’s a safe bet that Kinski plays the villain here. How the Wreck a Nice Beach does its best to sum up the avant-garde action:

Kinski smokes away his vocal cords while speaking through a vocoder. Kinski’s “speech” is triggered by a computer keyboard and some no-look typing while he exhales bloodless blue ghosts. A couple of lions have to listen to whatever he says (something about a car crash and Mozart), as does a woman in an evening gown, one cage over.

Sadly unavailable on Netflix, we’re afraid.


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