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Goodbye, Palito

April 22nd, 2010 · No Comments

Sad news out of the Philippines, where beloved comedian Palito has passed away. The man born Reynaldo Hipolito was in many ways the anti-Dom DeLuise—a performer whose career path was determined by his incredible leanness:

Born on Sept. 4, 1934, Palito was best known for his comedy films “Ram-Buto” and “Jones Bone,” which were spoofs of Hollywood characters Rambo and James Bond.

He started his acting career in the 1960s. One of his early movies was “Pitong Zapata” in 1965.

In the beginning, he was cast in straight action films. But because of his thinness, he was groomed as a comedian. His corpse-like mien and zombie look, more often than not, landed him comedy-horror characters.

A clip from Rambuto is above. The man’s work with the fan is incredible.


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