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Her Dark Materials

June 18th, 2010 · 3 Comments

Despite our general abhorrence of slasher flicks and Eli Roth-style “torture porn,” we do have a soft spot for macabre statues. Hyungkoo Lee’s series of cartoon skeletons, for example, still ranks as one of the finest exhibits we’ve ever seen in New York. And we’re similarly enthralled by the work of Jessica Joslin, who incorporates animal bones and skulls into her steampunk-inflected works.

Adding to Ms. Joslin’s appeal is her slightly kooky tilt, captured splendidly in this profile in Britain’s Bizarre:

She thinks working with human bones would be cheesy – the art would be overwhelmed by the controversy of her using such grisly materials – but her own bones could be an exception. “I’d like my own remains to become part of a metal structure. I’d leave instructions on how to assemble it with my bones after my death.”

Joslin wouldn’t be the first contemporary artist to get all creative with human bones, however—François Robert got there first.


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