Microkhan by Brendan I. Koerner

Waylaid By Progeny

June 21st, 2010 · No Comments

So much for our grand plans to start this momentous week on the right foot. Microkhan Jr.’s sitter canceled on us last minute, and unlike our Mongolian forebear, we don’t have a legion of fur-clad handmaidens waiting in the wings to take over childcare duties. And so we must dedicate our morning to tackling a brutal Wired deadline, as well as to locating some Thomas the Train training toothpaste before the home situation reaches something akin to DEFCON 2.

But fear not, we’ll be back soonest, and with some killer material—extras related to our long-promised Wired story on addiction, which will hit The Tubes this week. (Judging by the deluge of love/hate mail we’ve received so far, we take it the dead-tree version is already on newsstands.) In the meantime, check out the cut above, our favorite from The Enchantress.


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