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July 1st, 2010 · 1 Comment

Audio above of our morning appearance on The Takeaway. The other guest was a 14-year member of AA from Kentucky—many thanks to her for coming on. And apologies for a couple of malapropisms strewn throughout—we hadn’t yet gotten our requisite caffeine dose, and the gentle strains of Winnie the Pooh emanating from Microkhan Jr.’s room caused a small bit of distraction.


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  • susan

    I read the article with interest. Can you tell me what sources you used to build your report on AA? (I’d also like to know the sources for your report on new scientific findings, but only secondarily.) I’m particularly interested to know what you used to build the history of AA origins as you relate those beginnings in the article. What you report is just so different from what i’m familiar with. Also, what did you draw upon to develop your description of how the program works and of what the main ideas of the program are. That reporting, also, is so dramatically different from what I’ve observed. Just wondered how you built this first half of your article. Thanks.