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“A Smith & Wesson Beats Four Aces”

August 20th, 2010 · 7 Comments

It gives me tremendous pleasure to announce the long-awaited return of Bad Movie Friday, which has been on hiatus for a couple of weeks. I’m bringing it back after discovering a trove of utmost goodness on YouTube—namely, the collection of Andy Sidaris, previously lionized in this space as the writer-director behind the legendary Hard Ticket to Hawaii. Sidaris’s entire oeuvre is a wonder to behold, but for the moment I’ve chosen to share his 1990 Erik Estrada vehicle Guns. I believe the jury is still out as to whether Estrada makes for a good villain; something about his line readings makes me think he was born to play a real-estate pitchman rather than a sinister arms dealer who commands an army of jiggly assassins.


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