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This is What Underrated Looks Like

September 24th, 2010 · 4 Comments

While drinking my birthday bottle of Lucky 13 the other night, the Chubb Rock classic above suddenly came over loud-and-clear on the latest WeFunk show. It reminded me how this heavyset artist rarely disappoints, especially when cuts from his golden age waft across the sonic transom. But perhaps what’s most impressive about Rock is his dedication to making music a lifelong pursuit, rather than a youthful cash-in:

To me, the whole thing is being creative. There are many writers out there who are not really that familiar with hip hop who can come up with a fly chorus, can come up with lyrics that can pass, and they can even sell a million records. But I’m thinking that, in music, you wanna be like Paul McCartney. You know? That’s what I’m into. I saw his birthday on TV, thirty-something years of doing music. You ain’t gonna do thirty-something years of music on gimmicks.

Granted, McCartney has his $1.07 billion fortune to get him through the stretches of creative fallowness. And the good folks in GWAR might offer a sharp counterpoint to Rock’s claims regarding the limited power of gimmickry.


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