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A Queen’s Edge

October 5th, 2010 · No Comments

Scrambling to prep for a key interview and finish a Wired essay, so just a quickie this morning. The clip above features the coolest drummer ever to brush a cymbal; the snippet below reveals how a young woman named Courtney Larkin was able to triumph in this year’s Miss National Peanut pageant:

On Monday, Larkin was still relishing the National Peanut Festival victory and the fact that she was able to finish in the top five in the pageant subcategories of verbal skills, evening gown and peanut knowledge.

She said her best friend’s father is a peanut farmer, and that connection helped her learn ahead of time some of the things she needed to know for the peanut knowledge competition. That inside track gave her extra confidence as she studied the peanut facts she and the other contestants were given to prior to the quiz.

It is a travesty, of course, that the peanut knowledge questions are not online.


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