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“The Juice Come Thicker Than Sunny Delight”

December 1st, 2010 · 1 Comment

Putting the finishing touches on a soon-to-be-revealed major project this morning, so just a quick slice of sonic grandeur to get your day started. Laugh if you must at this band’s name, but rest assured that many of the finest minds in hip-hop history can see beyond the cheesy psychedelic moniker. The Electric Prunes’ “General Confessional,” produced by the real David Axelrod, has been memorably sampled by the Beatnuts, Black Moon, Madlib, and Rampage, among many others. It’s easy to see the appeal: The song oozes a natural, silky menace, as if it was recorded in an abandoned Transylvanian church after everyone in the band downed some high-quality asinthe.

Fun fact about The Electric Prunes: Kenny “Danger Zone” Loggins was once a member, during his alleged rock-‘n-roll phase. I wonder how many times Loggins’ work has been sampled. I’m guessing zero.

Update: I stand corrected regarding Mr. Loggins’ hip-hop influence.


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  • eraserhead

    “Electric Comic Book” – what an album. Lost many a brain cell on that.