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Borne Forward Ceaselessly Into MMXI

December 30th, 2010 · No Comments

Cutting out a little early on 2010 to prep for 2011; today’s all about wrapping up loose ends, drawing up New Year’s resolutions, and game-planning for what’s sure to be another madcap 12-month stretch. Lots in the works, starting with my long-promised Jazz Age yarn. As always, check this space for details—or simply because you have a hankering to learn more about kabaddi, the Solomon Islands, or trends in oxen usage.

For the record, these were the most-read Microkhan posts of 2010:

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May your New Year’s celebration be every bit as lavish as a top-notch Tsagaan Sar party, and hope you’ll continue to patronize Microkhan throughout our planet’s next revolution around the nearest yellow dwarf star.


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