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The Human Fly, Cont’d

July 27th, 2011 · 2 Comments

Though I can’t quite claim to have solved the mystery of The Human Fly’s identity and current whereabouts, which I wrote about a month ago, I’m happy to report that Microkhan has at least uncovered another thread to the tale. Canadian film director Steve Goldmann popped by the blog to point us toward his documentary short about The Human Fly (above), which focuses on the impresarios behind the operation: Joseph and Dominic Ramacieri, pepperoni-making brothers from Montreal. Bored with the processed meats business, they dreamed of having their names attached to a daredevil enterprise that would exceed Evel Knievel’s in terms of fame. But that dream came crashing down, quite literally, one unfortunate night when The Human Fly revved up his motorcycle behind a long line of school buses…

Seriously, watch the whole thing—well worth your eight minutes. And let’s hope Goldmann is able to make good on his plans to turn The Human Fly’s story into a feature. I’d love to see Zach Galifianakis tackle to role of Joe Ramacieri.


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